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We pay the most for your .  We'll buy your broken too!  Find out much cash you can get for your today!


Here's How It Works:

How to trade your electronics for cash | Trade Up Mobile


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Find your using our Gadget Finder from our homepage and tell us the condition by selecting Like New, Good or Broken to receive an immediate offer that’s guaranteed for 30 days!




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We'll provide you with a free shipping label and instructions by email.  Want us to mail you a shipping box? We can do that too!  Your shipment is insured and tracked from your door to ours.  If you wish to use your own postage, we’ll send you even more money! 




Get Paid

Once we receive your package a member of our gadget team will inspect your    and securely erase all personal data.  Then we send you payment within 24 hours by PayPal or Check by mail.

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